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Wednesday Question And Answer

Wednesday Question and Answer For August 26th

Do you like using restraints like handcuff, scarves, etc?

Leave your answer in the comment section and I promise to respond.
Ms. Lisa




5 comments to Wednesday Question And Answer

  • peterteasetoy

    Do you mean on you Ms. Lisa?

    Or are you wanting to us them on me? *adjusts erection*

  • Ms Cooper

    Well Ms Lisa handcuff and silky sexy scarfs are one of a Mistresses must haves lol. It depends on the situation and the guy but I enjoy both. when I’m being a bit more hardcore the cuffs are a must use item, but in a more sensual setting I love silk scarfs. Peter, not to pt words into Ms Lisa’s mouth but…….I can almost guess that she will be using them on you and not herself. Peter you are such a bad boy!

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