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Wednesday Q & A For August 19th

My Question To All Of You For August 19th

I’m am so late with this but it was a pamper day so spank me with a wet noodle lol!

What is your ideal threesome scenario?

Leave your answer in the comment section and I promise to respond.

Ms. Lisa

7 comments to Wednesday Q & A For August 19th

  • peterteasetoy

    Oh, I think I know the answer to this one Ms. Lisa!

    Do you have an identical twin?

    • Lisa

      LOLl oh now Peter, I so don’t think you or any guy could handle another me! But I have to say, that would be an interesting playtime for sure!!

      • peterteasetoy

        I think it would be more the case of the 2 of you handling me Ms. Lisa!

        Just imagine the 2 of you using the telepathic link between yourselves, knowing what each other is thinking/planning and helping to carry them out to your complete ‘satisfaction’!

        I’d be squirming from just seeing one of your beautiful faces, give the other a knowing smile! *adjusts erection*

        • Lisa

          Omgosh Peter that would be fun! Double the trouble double the fun! At least for the both of us, you just get to suffer and squirm more LOL!

          • peterteasetoy

            Yes Ms. Lisa! You’ll have to introduce me to your twin sister sometime!

            Do you think the fact that you are both cockteases, and my cock is already denied, will have an effect on our threesome?

  • Mr R

    I have a foot fetish, so 4 feet to worship and be teased by would be heaven. I would love to suck a womans toes while the other one gave me a footjob. Or have doggy style sex with pretty toes and feet all over the that ass.

    • Lisa

      Wow I really like your answer! I love foot worship and giving a foot job is so much fun when it’s with a guy who is crazy for a sexy pair of feet and toes! 🙂

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