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Tiny Dick Humiliation: Not Always Mean

Tiny DickIf I tell you that you’ve got a tiny dick, it’s not exactly news to you, is it?  You’ve known it for a long time.  And I suppose you’re pretty ok with it, since you don’t seem to mind coming to me to get your tiny dick humiliation fix.

And don’t worry, I’m happy to give it to you!

Tiny Dick Guys Amuse Me

I love laughing at little dick, and not necessarily out of meanness, either.  They just amuse me so much!  And besides, you boys like it, too, so it works out great for everybody!

In that way, I don’t think tiny dicks are useless.  I mean, you won’t see one in my bedroom any time soon (or ever), but they’re not totally worthless.  They provide me with hours and hours of entertainment and small penis humiliation fun.  So definitely not worthless, just not the sort of thing I’d take to bed.

Tiny Dick Humiliation Can Be Playful

It really can be you know.  Some guys like it harsh while others like their sph more, well, playful.  I will happily talk about your itty-bitty peen and all your other failings, too, if you like, in the most pleasant and cheerful voice.  It’s not “mean” humiliation like this.  It’s FUN.  (And funny, too, for that matter.)  It’s the perfect way to spend an otherwise boring Friday (or whatever).

So why not give me,  Ms. Lisa your Femme Fatale Mistress a call?  It will amuse me and make your teenie weenie nub harder than it’s been in a very, very long time…which will just amuse me even more!
Ms. Lisa




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2 comments to Tiny Dick Humiliation: Not Always Mean

  • No matter how much they tug on that small penis it’s not going to get any bigger. For men, having a small penis is the most embarrassing thing for them to endure. But I have to agree with you, Lisa, I too enjoy laughing at small dicks it is very amusing.

  • mike

    I think that sometimes the “not mean” tiny penis humiliation can be more crushing than the “mean stuff”. If a girl lashes out at you – you can sort of reject it or pretend that it is over the top or not true or whatever. But if a girl is super gentle or even empathic about it it feels like she pities you – that can be even more devastating. Sometimes, I think, girls don’t even fully realize their own impact. I have had a girl say (seemingly innocently) “Oh, I like little guys” – like she was being nice. But it hits you harder that way I think….

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