I love to tell you guys stories.  And who out there doesn’t love to hear one?  Nobody, that’s who.

Sometimes, the stories I tell are about my many real-life exploits.  Sometimes they’re based on something I read or saw somewhere. And sometimes they’re just pure fiction that I make up on the spot because it amused me.  I enjoy sexy storytelling, for a lot of reasons.

What If You Add Something To The Storytelling

I mean sure, telling a sexy story is great but adding a little something extra makes it even better!  Roleplaying is a perfect addition!  Why?  Because when I role-play instead of just telling a story, it’s no longer a one-sided thing.

And it’s more fun for you guys, too. I mean, really, what sounds more exciting? Hearing a story about some other guy that I teased once? Or BEING the guy that I’m teasing and planning on leaving with a severe case of blue balls once I’m finished?

Are You Screaming YES For A Round Of Teasing From Little Ole Me LOL

Yeah, that’s what I thought! And, yes, it’s true. Even my role plays tend to always involve tease and denial. I mean, what can I say? It’s just my thing, and I love it. There’s nothing quite like that moment where you guys get so desperate that you completely break the role play just to beg me to let you cum.

Now that’s not enough to convince me to let you or anything. I just think it’s pretty funny. So if you want to work cock teasing into your favorite role-play, now you know exactly who to call. 😉
Ms. Lisa