Thank You

Hey everyone! This is a quickie thank you blog post to “P” and I will simply refer to him as such to keep his name private.

As you know I love getting spoiled and I make no apologies about it.  I also appreciate it when it happens. 

I get so excited when I get visits from the UPS guy and I was awakened today with another delivery! YAY! 

First let me say I was gifted earlier with a lovely sleep machine.  I love drifting off to sleep in my queen-size bed to the sounds of the Ocean or rain, etc.  So thank you to “P” for that!

Today I received an early birthday present from “P” of the Cold Brew travel bottle so I can take my iced coffee on the go!  I am going to make a batch up today so I can have it ready for me in the morning. 

So again thank you “P” for being so sweet to me and thinking of me enough that you would get me these awesome gifties.  Hehe I see what you’re doing.  Every time I use the cold brew or the sleep machine I can’t help but think of you.  Uh-huh you scoundrel you! 😉
Ms. Lisa



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