cuckolds, cuckoldingHey there, It’s Ms. Lisa, your sexy Café au lait Cuckold Princess that all you tiny white boys just can’t help but cream yourself over. Now, I know that you boys want to get with me, and that’s cute and all, but it’s just not going to happen. You really need to understand that my sweet pussy and your little white penis just will not be meeting each other any time soon.

A Cuckold Understanding His Place

Maybe I’ll let you watch as some well-hung stud fuck me, putting it in deep.  Way deeper than your sad tiny dick can! You can’t even fuck me hard because you keep slipping out! LOL. Arggh that is SO annoying!  You’re better off as my cuckold, doing my laundry, buying me nice clothes, spa pampering and dining at Michelin star restaurants like Maude MmmmI’ll even let you watch me with my boyfriend…stud…bull (pick one) from time to time LOL!  Don’t ever say that your Princess isn’t sweet to you!

ONLY If I Want, You Can Touch On My Terms

Now, with all that considered, don’t think I’m completely heartless. I’ll make sure you get yours too. After all, you need some attention from your sexy Cuckold Princess as well. So let’s say one night after he’s fucked me good and hard, I’ll let you get some creampie clean up action. Oh-oh light bulb moment!!  Maybe, once my pussy’s nice and clean, I’ll put my strap-on on and bend you over the foot of them bed.  What? It’s only fair that if I got it deep, you get it deep, too!
Ms. Lisa