I know all about your little secret.

Oh, I know you think you’re so good at hiding it, but you couldn’t be more wrong about that if you tried.

My Stockings Drive You Crazy Right

The truth is, you’re a sucker for a beautiful pair of legs (which I have) dressed in luxurious nylons (which I also have).  Yep, I know all about that secret of yours, my little stocking fetish slut.  Why else would you think that I always just so happen to be wearing them every time we meet?

I know that every time you see me in my stockings, you have to try to talk to me as though nothing’s wrong, while you’re steadily having all sorts of (increasingly filthy) mental images about being down on your knees in front of me worshipping my stocking-clad feet and legs.

Your Stocking Fetish Not So Secret After All

I also know that you’re probably sooo embarrassed that I know your secret, but you shouldn’t be.  Why not?  Because if you just ask me nicely, I’ll let you worship me. I love it when little red-faced subbie boys kiss my feet and legs and try to hide their hard-on while they do it.  Too bad they always fail at that last part because their little dicks get so hard while worshipping me that they’re impossible to miss, LOL!

So you can stop pretending now.  Go ahead and call me and confess your little phone sex fetish secret to me.  The sooner you do it, the sooner you can be on your knees at my feet!
Ms. Lisa