Ms. Stephanie

Ms. Stephanie

Stephanie Stops By

Ms Stephanie here! I’ve been cruising around the blogs of LDW a bit, trying to gain a little bit of insight into some of the amazing variety of Mistress you have available to you here, and I wanted to stop by here and give a shout out to Ms Lisa. Now, behind the scenes, Ms Lisa and I talk quite a bit, and we are looking forward to the next time we can meet up at the next Gathering of the Mistresses Party. Realistically, I’m sure by now you know all the ladies have a few things in common-intelligence, experience, and an amazing dominant spirit. That said, some of us are so very very different- strict, sensual, cruel, sadistic, girl next door, out of your league, Princesses, MILF’s, and every age and attitude in between. Ms Lisa and I are an unlikely pair. Getting to know us both will only benefit you, though.

Sadistic Mistress Lisa

Ms Lisa is a Princess, a creamy brown yummy delight. She loves to make you understand your place in her world as a cuckolded, pathetic, foot worshiping stroker boy.  She can be playful but never forget where you stand. Strict and sadistic, her petite stature can fool you.  Even when she wears heels you are probably taller. Despite that, she can bring you to your knees when she allows you to worship and adore her feet, her legs, her ass. She can drop you when she tells you that your minuscule member is absolutely worthless to her- but you can stay and watch her with a real man. Sweetly sadistic, you will beg her to allow you to serve her, and if you are lucky, she may allow it.

When We Win, You Win

So, how can you possible enjoy your time with each of us? Well, remember pet, variety is the spice of life! Both of us, gorgeous, sexy women. Both of us with the capability to hold you in the palm of our hand and squeeze you until you cry- and here I could be referring to both your wallet and your balls! I promise, you will enjoy either one, the playful yet strict, sadistic nature of Ms Lisa, or the sensual playful coercion of Ms Stephanie.

Giving You a Hand to Hold Onto

If the prospect of speaking with sadistic Ms Lisa is a bit intimidating, and for some of you it may be,well, have I got a deal for you! We are continuing our anniversary month celebration with Double the Sexy! On Tuesday November 17th, call anytime between 12:01AM EST and 11:59PM EST and you can talk to 2 Mistresses for the price of 1, for the first 10 minutes of your call! So, gentlemen, I, Ms Stephanie, volunteer to hold your hand and introduce you to the femme-fatale Mistress Lisa, to give you the courage to approach her and beg her to allow you to adore her. Sounds like a winner, doesn’t it? Talk to you soon!
Ms. Lisa

Sadistic Seduction