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Paris Party Girls

ParisHey there, guys. I just got back from Paris not long ago, and I’m already missing it and my girl, Ms. Phoenix, let me tell you.

I went over there to visit her, and she showed me a fantastic time, taking me to see all the best sites, the best places to shop, the best restaurants, and of course, the best nightlife.

Paris Nightlife

We had a lot of fun, going out every night and sleeping much too late during the day, only to come out and do it all over again.  One night, it’s the Queen, near Champs-Elysées, another night L’Arc (I was really hoping to spot a celeb lol), and then another club the next evening.  I have to say, I think my new fav drink is the Aperol Sour! 

It was so much fun. I wish I could do that *all* the time, or, even better, just live in Paris myself!  Ms. Phoenix and I had an unspoken promise between us that we were going to tease the French guys like crazy…and we did! You know all those things I like to talk about doing to you on our cock teasing phone sex calls?  Well, that’s exactly the sort of thing those poor Frenchmen had to endure from both of us.  You can imagine how desperate they were feeling when we were finished, right?

So did we go home with any of them or bring any of them home with us? The world may never know…

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