Mistress Hiatus

Hi, guys!

It looks like sexy texting is going to be my main form of chatting with you very soon! Let me explain. Wow, how do I begin. Well, behind the fabulous life of being spoiled and pampered, we Mistresses have to deal with things that aren’t so fabulous. This is that time for me.

Family is Important

I haven’t been around a lot for you guys because I have a family member who is ill and in need of someone being there almost round the clock. My mom (it’s her mom I am speaking of) has been great, working and coming home to care for my gran, but it’s taking a toll. I have been going back home to help, which is why I haven’t been here a lot. But now I’m seeing I am going to have to be there full time. My mom can’t carry this alone and me living my fabulous life while she is so overwhelmed is not the kind of daughter or granddaughter I am!

Even a Spoiled Princess has to do Her Part

So with all that said. I am going home for a few months. I need to help out and I want to spend to spend time with my grandmother as well. Life is so short, and you never know when you won’t see that person again. So this is important to me.

Sexy Texting in Yours and My Future

It’s a good thing I have some funds saved up…even an admitted shop-a-holic knows how to be a smart saver! Haha, anyway, I won’t be doing calls but when I can I will do some quickie sexy texting appointments. Just know that if you see me logged in it is ONLY for text sessions until I am able to have privacy for voice calls. It’s hard talking dirty when your family is close by! A lot of you know what I mean because you sneak your dirty calls to me.  If you want to contact me to seen when I will be doing text sessions or just to say Hi, you can do that by emailing me at lisa@enchantrixempire.com. If you aren’t following me on Twitter, do it. I will post when I’m going to be available for text sessions. Want to spoil me then you already know what to do! 🙂

I look forward to chatting with all of you very soon and thank you for your understanding during this time.





Body Worship

Body Worship