Lingerie FetishI know for a fact that many guys have a major lingerie fetish!  Confession. I do too!  You see, there are lots of things that I really love, so it’s always weird for me to say something like “My favorite thing is….” I’ve got too many things that I adore to pick from to be able to fill in that blank. But that doesn’t mean I can’t still be enthusiastic about the many things I love.

Lingerie Fetish Not Just For You Guys

Like I said, one of those things is lingerie. I love looking at it, shopping for it, wearing it, looking at it on other people, and so forth. I also enjoy talking to men who have a lingerie fetish of some sort, whether it’s a nylon fetish, a panty fetish, or anything else.  I love talking about lingerie, so why not discuss it with people who are as into it as I am, right?

There Are Many Types Of Lingerie Fetishists

Some of them seriously get off on seeing a woman dressed in sexy undies. This works perfectly for me because it gives me the perfect way to tease him without really having to even do anything besides sit back and just be my usual sexy cock tease self. Others like wearing the lingerie themselves. They’re not sissies or cross dressers, really. Just men who’ve realized how much better it feels to jerk off in panties and stockings than in boxers and socks. I mean, assuming I let them jerk off at all, that is. If you’ve got a lingerie fetish yourself, you should give me a call. We’ll have a great time talking about our mutual interests, I’m sure.
Ms. Lisa