LegsI’m somewhat tall and I love that I have long sexy legs.  I put on a pair of stockings or a pair of sexy heels and I think they look even better!

Every man who comes in contact with me knows-that I’m a…well, Princess who is meant to be worshipped.  And if, somehow, that fact escapes them, I’m always quick to remind them.  I know that sounds a bit vain but oh well!

When it’s performed properly (and believe me, I’m always quick to correct when it’s not!), I always enjoy body worship. It’s not just something I tell men to do to remind them of my inherent superiority, although there wouldn’t be anything wrong with that if it were true, since I’m the one who makes the decisions here and can, therefore, choose to do whatever I want without justifying myself to anyone else. But I *do* enjoy body worship on its own, for no other reason than because it feels nice.

Legs: Not Your First Choice When Thinking About Body Worship Right?

All types of body worship are nice, by the way. But if I had to choose a favorite, I’d for sure go with leg worship.

Yes, I know that’s not the most popular choice of either Mistresses or subs, but since when has your Princess ever been like anyone else?

But, yeah, there’s something wonderful about having my legs worshipped…not the least of which is that it always requires the worshipper to kneel at my feet in order to pull it off.  A man kneeling at my feet always brightens my day.  And if he’s good at what he does, he brightens my day even more.

Not to the point that I’m going to let him cum as a reward, of course, but enough that he’ll probably escape my wrath the rest of the day.


Ms. Lisa




Body Worship

Body Worship

Body Worship