HumiliationHumiliation games, like…. strip poker is running around in my head. That wonderful party game that drunk people are so oddly fond of.  I’m a big fan, of it as well!  But I prefer for my games not to involve drunk people.  I want everyone involved to be very aware of what they are doing.  Too much alcohol can screw that up. 

Anywhoo, my point is, a room full of pathetic little subbies just like you is perfect for the kind of humiliation fun I want to have.

Humiliation Game Rules

When you play with me, the rules are a little different.  First of all, I never take off any of my clothes, no matter what. Win, lose, or draw, your phone sex Princess remains dressed.

Secondly, most games start with you fully clothed and then have you get progressively naked as you lose games. My strip poker games are an exercise in CFNM humiliation, so we start with all of you completely naked.  And as you win hands, you’re allowed to put your clothes back on, piece by piece.

Can You Win My Humiliation Game

You see, with me, nothing is ever as easy as it sounds, and this is no different. There’s a good possibility that you’ll have to win more than one hand in order to get a piece of your clothing back, for example. Oh, and if you lose, you’ll have to do something humiliating at my command, too.  So, yeah, not quite as light-hearted as regular strip poker but still way better.  And don’t even act like your little pinkie-sized dick doesn’t like the sound of that because I know better!

Soooo….are you ready to humiliate yourself for my amusement in front of both me and other male subs just like you?  Of course you are, so don’t pretend otherwise LOL.
Ms. Lisa




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