Humiliation Not gonna to lie guys, I love humiliation. I do, and it can come in so many different ways. It really just depends on the kinky guy I’m playing with to determine what I am going to do with him.

Humiliation: Becoming My Panty-Boy Works!

I love using certain types of feminization in my humiliation phonesex calls. Umm ok, I will say that total sissification isn’t my thing but I do enjoy having some of you losers wear panties for me, calling you my dirty little panty-boy. If you’ve got a tiny dick, even better, it just adds to the humiliation and becoming a panty-boy makes a lot of sense! Given the hard-ons that some of y’all get in those panties, I know I’m not the only one who enjoys it! One of the easiest ways that I can humiliate you is making you a panty-boy and picking out the most girly-looking panties I can possibly find for you. I’d tell you to step into them, but not to pull them all the way up just yet, to leave your ass bare so that I can get to it.

Pantyboy Humiliation With A Little Something Extra

It’s really easy to be honest. I mean I’ve made you my pantyboy so I might as well push it further! I’d simply bend you over a chair, sofa, or whatever and stuff whatever butt plug I picked out of the collection up your slutty little ass, that simply helps to add to your humiliation, right?! Then, I give you permission to pull the panties all the way up and tell you to go on about your business. Go to work or to the gym or whatever, just like that, and don’t even think about taking the panties off or that plug out! You better hope that the panties I chose for you have enough fabric covering your ass to help you hold that plug in place, or things are going to get reeeeeally embarrassing for you at work. Your cock is going to be drooling all over the front of them, anyway, from the prostate stimulation, and that wet spot will just be a constant reminder of the humiliation. So try not to make it worse by losing that plug somewhere along the way. Besides, if you lose it, you’re just gonna have to pick it up in front of everyone and go straight to the bathroom to replace it. Then, everyone will know why you’re walking funny! So better not to lose it to start with…unless that kind of public humiliation is what you’re looking for!
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