cuckoldingYou know it’s been an interesting weekend.  I have done a lot of thinking regarding my cuckolding life and the men I allow in my world.  So I decided to write this little blog while it was still fresh on my mind. Basically, I’m going to be real with you for a moment.  Monogamy is just not a thing that I do.  It’s BORING, it’s unnecessarily limiting, and there’s no real reason for it other than to soothe someone else’s insecurities…which is so not what I’m here for.  So I don’t do it at all.

Cuckolding Is The Total Opposite Of Boring

Yeah, I love cuckolding.  I’m a major fan.  I like how it allows me to have as many lovers as I want and also allows me to keep as many subs as I want, too.  The subs get to buy me nice things and shower me with gifts (sometimes my lovers too) while the lovers get to give me some of the more *carnal* things that I want. It’s pretty much the perfect arrangement.

Of course, a lot of you phone sex cuckolds wouldn’t have it any other way, either. You love the idea of knowing that I’m with someone else, or (even better) watching it with your own eyes.

LOL You And I Both Know What Your Role Will Be!

I mean duh, your cock’s not big enough to satisfy me. That’s why you’re a cuckold.  So you need to get used to happily watching someone else do the job that you’re not equipped to do, won’t you? And probably get off on it just as much as you would if I ever allowed you to fuck me yourself…which will never happen, of course.  I mean, assuming I’ll let you get off at all. And that’s usually a very bad assumption to make.  BUT let’s just say it did.  Let’s just say.  Believe me when I tell you it would be a pity fuck. You humping away while I’m thinking about real cock.  Which would probably turn you on even more LOL!
Ms. Lisa