Foot FetishHey there, my freaks and foot fetish lovers! This is your favorite Mistress, Ms. Lisa, coming at you again with another fun (for me) and torturous (for you) idea for my entertainment. I called out foot fetishists in particular, but I thought I’d throw freaks in general into the mix, too. Why? Because this idea is going to hit on several different fetishes, so why not invite everybody to play, right?

Foot Fetish And Trampling

I should probably ask you first, though, if you’ve ever heard of trampling?  If you have, great. If not, I’ll give you a brief explanation. It’s basically what it sounds like: A dominant person literally walking all over his or her sub/slave.  It can be sensual if the Domme is barefoot and does it slowly and carefully. It can be a lot less so if she wears spike heels and stomps around heavily on top of you.

When I trample men, my preference is my bare pretty feet.  I love the feel and because it adds an extra little degree of torment for the sub who has a foot fetish and love the feel of my soft skin.  You know…just FYI.

How I Enjoy Trampling A Foot Slave

There are lots of ways I can do it.  I’ve done it simply by sitting on the sofa watching tv, reading a book or chatting on the phone with a girlfriend. Some guys love the ignore/objectification aspects of foot worship.  Another favorite is for him to lay on his back while I first run my feet all over his body.  If I’m feeling generous, I might let him worship the soles of my feet by letting them rest against his face one at a time. It only takes a foot fetish slave a little of this to give him a hard-on, and once he has it, I climb aboard, usually right there on his thighs.

Foot Fetish

I can be rough with it if I feel particularly sadistic or if I’m doing it as a punishment or a fun game of CBT.  But usually, I just take my time walking all over his legs, torso, and arms.  When I’m close to being finished, I go back to sit on his thighs or in a chair or on the sofa with my feet close together on either side of his cock. Then, I tell him that he’s allowed to thrust his painfully hard cock between my feet.  If I’m sitting on him, he knows he better not throw me off with is movement!  That would be very bad!  Now, do I let him cum by basically giving him a foot job?  Maybe…maybe not.  Knowing what a cock tease I am, what do you think? 😉
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