Foot FetishPlaying with guys who have fetishes can be really amusing/hilarious. Playing with guys who have both a shoe and a foot fetish at the same time is a perfect example of that.

Foot Fetish Guys Are Such Naughty Boys!

When it comes to a man’s foot fetish I am never too surprised by how it will show itself or the things they will do.  I saw a post on Tumblr recently that was just a pic of a man lying on his back stroking his cock. Or at least that’s what it seemed like at first glance. When I looked at it a little closer, I realized that he wasn’t so much stroking it as kind of holding his hand still and fucking up into his fist. Then I looked even closer and saw that there was also a foot with a stiletto heel in the shot, too. The guy had his dick up against the long, thin heel of this shoe with his hand wrapped around both and was basically just rubbing the underside of his cock against the heel and using his hand to hold everything in place.  A foot fetishist slut if ever there was one! LOL

Shall I Indulge Your Foot Fetish Needs

That’s when it occurred to me that that would be something really fun to do with my shoe and foot fetish drones.  Just think how vulnerable and helpless you’ll feel, lying on your back with one of my feet in a high-heeled shoe dangling right next to your cock. Think of how humiliating it’ll be to just have to grind your dick against the heel of my shoe to get any sort of relief.

Speaking of relief, I’m probably not going to let you cum. Unless, of course, I allow you to cum all over the bottom of my shoe, in which case you’ll have to lick it all up, making you a good cum eating slut…especially after I’ve been wearing them all day out running errands and shopping. LOL
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