Foot Fetish, Foot Worship

For All My Foot Fetish Guys! xo

I believe that all men have fetishes. Some of them may be more strongly attached to their fetishes than others, and some may have more fetishes than most, but I think all of you have at least one. Perhaps, those reading this may even have a foot fetish.

I Totally Adore My Foot Fetish Guys!

And of all the fetishes, foot fetish is, or at least is believed to be, the most common one by a pretty big margin. And my experience definitely supports that theory.  I talk to at least one man a day who has a thing for the feet of beautiful women.I have to admit, too, that of the various types of body worship (and there are a lot of them!), foot worship is pretty high up there on the list of ones I enjoy the most!

.I Am Pretty Selfish In My Love Of Foot Worship LOL

When a man worships my feet, he’s usually on his knees on the floor in front of me. Sometimes, I may be lying on my bed while he worships me, but even then, he’s still usually on his knees or, even better, lying down flat on his front, practically prostrating himself before me. Those are the kinds of positions that I like to see my subs in!

And then the foot worship itself just feels wonderful. I really love my high heels and wouldn’t trade them for anything, but even I have to admit that they’re not terribly comfortable. So after a long day or night of wearing them, foot worship, especially when it’s accompanied by a long, hot bath beforehand, is exactly what I need to relax. I’ve actually been running around all day today, doing errands, meetings, etc..  So are there any foot fetishists out there who’d like to help my poor feet feel better?
Ms. Lisa