Stocking Fetish

For all my nylon lovers xoxo

I’m the kind of girl who loves my nylons, especially my stockings. Because here in Cali, it’s too darn hot, usually for pantyhose, so yeah, I do prefer stockings. So as you can probably imagine, I end up with a lot of men who have a stocking fetish attracted to me. Imagine that, right?

Guys With Stocking Fetish Are So Fun To Tease!

It’s not exactly a secret that I love teasing, after all. And when I have stocking fetishists around, it means I can be a specific type of tease: a nylon tease! I don’t get to do this nearly as often as I would like, so I never turn down the chance to do so when it comes up!

The fun part of this is that it doesn’t even require any words.  Well, not unless I *want* to use them, anyway.  All it takes is me in a pair of my favorite stockings and one man with a fetish.  Basically everything I do from that point on is both tease and turn-on.  Naturally, my stocking/pantyhose guys, they eat it up, and I love the attention so it’s a win win!

A Little Secret About Nylon Lovers

Did you know that a man who’s got a big enough fetish for stockings can get hard just by hearing the soft, rustling sound the stockings make when a woman crosses her legs?  Yup, it’s true!  And if you think about it, if something that simple can make a stocking fetishist go crazy, just imagine what something a little more hands-down might provoke! And nylon teasing is only one of roughly ten billion ways that I know how to tease a man, so even if you don’t have a stocking fetish, I promise you that you can still have an insane extreme cock teasing session with me.
Ms. Lisa