Cum EatingI am not sure I have made it clear how much I love getting a subbie to become my cum eating slut.  I mean most guys turn their noses up at it and would never consider doing it.  That’s what makes it even more fun.  I say, getting a man horny and keeping him there for a while, with some tease and denial fun, he will probably agree to do anything to cum.

Adding Cum Eating To Tease And Denial Play

However, there are times though when I don’t deny you guys your orgasms. Sure, they’re rare, but that doesn’t mean they don’t happen occasionally. You know, when I’m in the right mood, and you’ve been very, very good, and the stars are aligned perfectly, and Mercury is in retrograde while the moon is in Libra or something, and it’s leap year, and so on, and so on. 

It helps starting with some wicked tease and denial first before I mention cum eating to you.  I mean it is definitely my nature to be a cock tease anyway and listening to all the whimpering and begging that really *makes* it for me.  Once you’re at that point, I think you would agree to anything.

Making Your Orgasm Conditional

That’s right!  If I’m going to let you get off, you’re going to have to embrace cum eating for me. No exceptions. If you can’t do that, then it’s back to denial for you.

But if you do agree to it, I will let you cum. And who knows, you may even decide that cum eating is for you. It’s always fun when you discover a new kink, isn’t it? All the more things I can use to tease you with, after all.

It just so happens that I might be in the mood to make this kind of deal with you, so if you’d like to get off soon, then I suggest you give me a call before the mood passes. Talk to you soon!
Ms. Lisa