Coerced BiTo me, coerced bi is something way more than just watching two guys suck dick.  I mean, it IS that, but it’s more, too.  It’s all about control and, naturally, humiliation.

Coerced Bi: Do You Want To Cum

Imagine if I’m in the mood for it, me getting two subs who are otherwise denied their orgasms and tell them to play together for my amusement.  I don’t care if they’re not actually into other guys.  I just care that they do what I tell them to do.  And usually, at this particular time, they’ve been denied for so long, anyway, that they’re willing to dive right in to what would otherwise be a coerced bi cocksucking scenario if they weren’t already half-crazy with wanting to cum.

So they abandon all dignity and start stroking and sucking and fucking each other because how else in the world are they going to get to cum?  I’m sure not going to get them off or let them get themselves off, so this is their only chance.

Adding Some Humiliation To The Fun

At first, just the feeling of having someone else touch them after all this time in denial is enough to make them forget what they’re really doing.  But I’M not going to let them forget.  I’m going to sit back and watch and laugh.  I’ll be over in the corner helpfully reminding them of what they’re doing and giving them all the coerced bi humiliation they need in order to, you know, never forget.

Oh, and recording.  Let’s not forget that.  I’ll be recording, too.  And probably posting it on some porn site somewhere so that others can see and laugh, too.  I mean, sharing the hilarity is really the least I can do for the world, right?
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