ChastityYou know, I haven’t really given you my thoughts on chastity and I thought now would be a good time to fix that. 

It’s not a secret that I believe men should be kept in a state of orgasm denial. Well, unless they’re one of those rare few whose cocks and sexual skills are enough to satisfy me. Those men are allowed to cum when they want.

But let’s be real, the chances of you being one of those men are slim to none. Why? Because if you were, you wouldn’t be sitting here reading a blog post about orgasm denial and chastity, would you?

Chastity: Locking That Penis Up!

So let’s just go ahead and go with the assumption that, if you’re not already one of my chastity slaves, you will be soon enough.

In that case, I’ll go on and answer the first question that chastity slaves inevitably have, which is “Will I ever be let out of chastity?”

There are two answers to that question. The first is, “Yes, you’ll be let out briefly every night to shower, but there is absolutely nothing more than washing allowed.”

The second is, “You’ll almost never be let out, unless it amuses me do so.”

Rewarded For Good Behavior

Every now and then, though, I do let you out. For example, I  do a little game to give you the chance to be let out for a bit if you’re able to succeed. I hide the key somewhere and then give you a list of chores.  With each chore you complete to my satisfaction, you get one clue as to the key’s location.  You can also get clues by spoiling me with gifts. That works really well!

So far, nobody’s been able to find it that little key, but surely it’ll happen someday, right?  If you want to see if you can be the lucky man, call me!
Ms. Lisa




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