CBTFor a moment guys, I want us to focus on CBT.  Yes, we are or at least I am so you might as well stick around lol.

You know, before I truly understood my super power of wrapping men around my cute little finger and basically controlling their cocks, I always thought that the whole, you know, stereotype about white men’s dicks being less than average was just that, a stereotype, a clichés of sorts.  But I soon learned that things become clichés for a reason.  Usually it’s because there is some truth to them!  With this particular cliché, I have no use for tiny dicks!  I always tell the guys who love chatting with me, that they aren’t fuckable.  But you know what is doable?  CBT on a tiny dick is very doable!

CBT Is Always A Fun Option!

Ha!  Well I guess it’s not entirely true that I’ve got no use for a small penis. They are limited, but it’s something, right?  I wouldn’t dream of beating… up on a real man’s dick like that, but I figure that a tiny one deserves it.  It’s not like you really need it for sex, since no self-respecting woman is going to let that pathetic little thing anywhere near her naughty parts!  So the attention I will show it, you should really be grateful for it, even if it is in the form of cbt.

Then again, I have a feeling there are a few of you who probably would enjoy this kind of attention.  The thought of my hands slapping that tiny dick of yours or squeezing those pathetic balls making you squirm.  Just imagine if I decided to pull out a few toys that could add to your cbt experience.  Are you imagining???  Of course you are, as you adjust your tiny nub LOL.

CBT: The Sound Of Whimpers

I like working tiny cocks over in person, because I enjoy hearing the whimpers and moans.  However, since you will be calling me for some Cock & Ball Torment fun, we’ll just have to do the next best thing. I’ll give you instructions about what to do to that pitiful little mini-sausage and the side dish of eggs you’ve got down there, and you WILL follow them.  Simple enough, right? 

Ms. Lisa




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