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Mistress Lisa Taking Short Hiatus

Hi, guys!

It looks like sexy texting is going to be my main form of chatting with you very soon! Let me explain. Wow, how do I begin. Well, behind the fabulous life of being spoiled and pampered, we Mistresses have to deal with things that aren’t so fabulous. This is that time . . . → Read More: Mistress Lisa Taking Short Hiatus

Paris Party Girls

Hey there, guys. I just got back from Paris not long ago, and I’m already missing it and my girl, Ms. Phoenix, let me tell you.

I went over there to visit her, and she showed me a fantastic time, taking me to see all the best sites, the best places to shop, the . . . → Read More: Paris Party Girls

Princess Lisa Day: Do You know The Date?

Well, hello again. This is your Princess Lisa speaking. Which is unsurprising, considering that it’s my blog, right?

I’m writing today to inform of you something that you need to know, in case you didn’t already. My birthday–the most important day of the year–will be coming very soon.  On Friday, February 12th, in . . . → Read More: Princess Lisa Day: Do You know The Date?

Thank You Shout Out!

Hey everyone! This is a quickie thank you blog post to “P” and I will simply refer to him as such to keep his name private.

As you know I love getting spoiled and I make no apologies about it.  I also appreciate it when it happens. 

I get so excited . . . → Read More: Thank You Shout Out!

Princess Lisa And My Subbie Santas

I’m a Princess and I’m spoiled.  There I said it!  I know many of you are not surprised by that simple statement.  I’m also independent, I’m free, and I do what I want. Just thought I enlighten you in case you haven’t noticed yet (and I sincerely hope you have, or else you’re even . . . → Read More: Princess Lisa And My Subbie Santas

Can You Handle My Spoiled Princess World

What do I mean when I say I’m a spoiled Princess? Well, this is one of my favorite things to talk about, so I’m glad you are curious!

Being a spoiled Princess means that I’m used to having what I want because men love spoiling me! And not only that, but I’m also . . . → Read More: Can You Handle My Spoiled Princess World