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Body Worship: Let’s Talk About It

Body WorshipIt probably comes as no surprise to you that as a spoiled Princess, I love to be worshipped, especially body worship.  There’s just something about men treating me like a Goddess that seems natural and appeals to the side of me that knows I am above all of them.  I don’t know how to explain it exactly, but I love it.

Now, there are lots of ways that you can worship me, but one of the easiest and most intimate is through body worship.  Even if you’re not normally allowed to touch me, I’ll let you do it if your intention is to worship me.  It’s a worthy exception to make, I think.

Body Worship: Having All of Me Takes Time

Believe it or not, I’ll allow you to worship almost any part of my body.  Notice I did say “almost,” not “actually every part.”  There are some things that have to be earned.  But you can, of course, worship all the parts of me that are revealed by my bikini when I wear it.  The other parts, though….You have to work for that. 

So, yes, foot worship and leg worship are available to anyone, as are some less popular areas for worship, like my hands, arms, and back.  But if you want breast worship, ass worship, or pussy worship, well…like I said, you’ll have to work for it!

Want to find out more?  All you have to do is give me a call.

Body Worship

Body Worship

Body Worship



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