Let me let you guys in on a secret.  I’ve seen a LOT of big dicks in my time, so I know exactly what one is supposed to look like and what the minimum size a dick must be in order to be considered “big.  (I’ve also seen a lot of small dicks, too, so I also know exactly what those are like.)

Small Penis Humiliation For You Average Guys

To be honest, that knowledge has made me realize that there really is no such thing as an “average” sized cock. They’re either an acceptable size–which means BIG–or they’re not. And I promise, if you have to ask me if it’s too small (and therefore a candidate for small penis humiliation), it is.

Sex And The Tiny Dick Is Not An Option For Me

Honestly, there are so very many things that I can do with big dicks, but if you’ve got a small one, there’s only one option, and that’s Tiny Dick Humiliation. Well, I guess that’s kind of misleading. All I can do with your dick is use it to humiliate you, yes, but there are several ways that I can do that. So all hope is not lost, I suppose! I mean, maybe I’ll be feeling nice and just keep my amusement between you and me. Or maybe I’ll be feeling a little more cruel and persuade you to invite a couple of my fellow Mistress friends on Skype to laugh at your useless little thing and have some fun at your expense. You know what they say about “the more, the merrier” and all that.  But if you call your Femme Fatale Mistress for SPH, that’s just the chance you’ll have to take.
Ms. Lisa