EdgingIf you’re not sure what edging is, the short answer is that it involves bringing yourself close to cumming over and over again, without actually getting off, and seeing how many times you can do this in one jerk-off session. For a longer explanation about *what* it is, make sure you click on the link.

I Am In The Mood For Some Edging

See, there are a lot of different kinds of cock control, and I do use them all (eventually). I don’t always, 100% of the time, go for tease and denial.  I mean, yes, I enjoy it. I love making you squirm and hearing you beg me to let you cum. Sometimes I might switch things up by adding edging to our fun. 

Edging: Why Should I Try It

That’s probably what you are asking yourself, right?  Well, because I told you to, mostly lol. But besides that, edging will help your stamina, and so much more!  And you need as much help as you can get in that department to make up at least a little bit for how small your dick is lol.  If you tell me you are a premature ejaculator, then edging would be perfect for you!  You just have to be open to it.

Edging also helps make your orgasms better. When I decide that it’s ok for you to have one, I mean. This is the reason most dudes are into it, but I’m sure that the real reason you want to do it is because I say so, right? 😉
Ms. Lisa