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Penetration: Girls Can Do It Too!

PenetrationNow, here’s the thing:  Some of you guys out there seem to think that you have the monopoly on penetration.  I’m here to tell you, though, that that’s simply not true. Not at all. See, we ladies have this awesome thing called…yes, a strap on!  Fantastic little invention and kudos to the kinky little inventor lol.

Hand Me A Strap On And Little Lube

I promise I’ll have all of you screaming my name in intense pleasure so fast that it’ll make your head spin. Oh, and believe me, I have left one or two guys a  “cock drunk” at the end of it, begging me to cuddle. Haha omg, it’s so adorable…or at least it is when I get finished with them.

I love putting them in heels with a puff ball on top for it, too. Just lets them fully grasp the situation they are in. They are my bitches, and I’m the one with the cock. I just love the role reversal!

Penetration Anticipation: It Drives You Crazy Doesn’t It

You see I don’t want you to think the night begins and ends with me just sticking it in your ass.  Oh no, no, no.  See, you have to experience more than just that. (Ask any of my little strap on phone sex sluts out there with some experience.)

No, see, you have to suck on it first. That’s right, I want a little foreplay to get me in the mood. I had one guy suck me so good that I managed to cream my pussy from the experience!  Yup. It was that good and so hot to watch him doing it!  Do you know how good you have to suck a fake cock to make someone cum from it? I thought about asking him for some tips for my own game, cause, damn, that was impressive! I still play with him, from time to time.  I haven’t stuck it in his butt in weeks though, cause I am always exhausted from his expert blowjobs.

You may be thinking that you have no need to learn anything about strap ons, but that’s where you’re wrong. You see, you’re going to have to be trained for your inevitable cuckold phone sex experiences with me, and I promise you, it’s much easier to do it this way than for you to get on-the-job training with a real, live dick! Haha! Maybe we can expand on your penetration experience!

Body Worship

Body Worship

Body Worship

3 comments to Penetration: Girls Can Do It Too!

  • Penetration: Girls Can Do It Too should be a song. It could be a Mistress anthem of sorts. I know I would sing it all the time. Something tells me the guys who love pegging around here would be grooving to the beat while you swing and sway in time with the music!

  • Empress Rayne

    Haha! I love that Ms Alexis! I would sing the Mistress anthem about strap on play all the time too! I think it would be at the top of my playlist. I absolutely love sliding my big beautiful cock into an anxious waiting ass!

  • So different women enjoy pegging for different reasons and with so many benefits who wouldn’t. The feeling of power/domination that comes with being the penetrating partner, and seeing that exciting look on his face as he submits for anal pleasure is picturesque.

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