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Stockings And The Fun We Can Have

Since I’m the kind of girl who enjoys wearing and playing with stockings, pantyhose, and such, I talk to an almost obscene number of men into stockings fetish fantasies.  And you know what? That’s just fine with me.

Of course, when you talk to that many stockings…or nylon fetishists, you get to hear about . . . → Read More: Stockings And The Fun We Can Have

Humiliation Strip Poker

Humiliation games, like…. strip poker is running around in my head. That wonderful party game that drunk people are so oddly fond of.  I’m a big fan, of it as well!  But I prefer for my games not to involve drunk people.  I want everyone involved to be very aware of what they are . . . → Read More: Humiliation Strip Poker

Cock Control: To Cum Or Not To Cum

The phrase “cock control” can mean so many things to different people. For some, it’s more about jerk-off instructions and edging to give you the best, strongest, most intense orgasm possible.

For others, it’s not about that at all. Instead, it’s all about the orgasm denial.

Cock Control: Guess Which Category I . . . → Read More: Cock Control: To Cum Or Not To Cum

Coerced Bi And Humiliation

To me, coerced bi is something way more than just watching two guys suck dick.  I mean, it IS that, but it’s more, too.  It’s all about control and, naturally, humiliation.

Coerced Bi: Do You Want To Cum

Imagine if I’m in the mood for it, me getting two subs who are otherwise denied . . . → Read More: Coerced Bi And Humiliation

Ruined Orgasms: Volunteers Wanted

I’m in the mood to ruin some orgasms today.  I’m sure there is at least one of you out there eager to be my little puppet. Right?  Then I can get started!

Oh, there you are.  You have no idea how happy I am that you showed up.  Oh, well, don’t worry.  I’ll *show* . . . → Read More: Ruined Orgasms: Volunteers Wanted

Princess Lisa Day: Do You know The Date?

Well, hello again. This is your Princess Lisa speaking. Which is unsurprising, considering that it’s my blog, right?

I’m writing today to inform of you something that you need to know, in case you didn’t already. My birthday–the most important day of the year–will be coming very soon.  On Friday, February 12th, in . . . → Read More: Princess Lisa Day: Do You know The Date?

Thank You Shout Out!

Hey everyone! This is a quickie thank you blog post to “P” and I will simply refer to him as such to keep his name private.

As you know I love getting spoiled and I make no apologies about it.  I also appreciate it when it happens. 

I get so excited . . . → Read More: Thank You Shout Out!

Body Worship Is A Privilege

So while body worship is an excellent way for one of my devotees to show his adoration for me, let’s get one thing straight.  I do enjoy being worshipped, and I do like for my followers to worship me.  However, being allowed to worship my perfect body is a privilege, not a right.  And . . . → Read More: Body Worship Is A Privilege

Phone Sex Muse And Goddess

Hello, my lovely boys. Ready for a some thoughts from your favorite Phone Sex Goddess? Of course you are! I mean how can you resist the one you worship, after all? Some churches may have to worry about backsliders, but the *Church of Ms. Lisa does not, will not and should not. However, if . . . → Read More: Phone Sex Muse And Goddess

Foot Fetish: Saying It Makes You Hard!

Playing with guys who have fetishes can be really amusing/hilarious. Playing with guys who have both a shoe and a foot fetish at the same time is a perfect example of that.

Foot Fetish Guys Are Such Naughty Boys!

When it comes to a man’s foot fetish I am never too surprised by how . . . → Read More: Foot Fetish: Saying It Makes You Hard!