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Body Worship: Let’s Talk About It

Body WorshipIt probably comes as no surprise to you that as a spoiled Princess, I love to be worshipped, especially body worship.  There’s just something about men treating me like a Goddess that seems natural and appeals to the side of me that knows I am above all of them.  I don’t know how to explain it exactly, but I love it.

Now, there are lots of ways that you can worship me, but one of the easiest and most intimate is through body worship.  Even if you’re not normally allowed to touch me, I’ll let you do it if your intention is to worship me.  It’s a worthy exception to make, I think.

Body Worship: Having All of Me Takes Time

Believe it or not, I’ll allow you to worship almost any part of my body.  Notice I did say “almost,” not “actually every part.”  There are some things that have to be earned.  But you can, of course, worship all the parts of me that are revealed by my bikini when I wear it.  The other parts, though….You have to work for that. 

So, yes, foot worship and leg worship are available to anyone, as are some less popular areas for worship, like my hands, arms, and back.  But if you want breast worship, ass worship, or pussy worship, well…like I said, you’ll have to work for it!

Want to find out more?  All you have to do is give me a call.

Body Worship

Body Worship

Body Worship



Cock Control Using Tease And Denial

The various forms of cock control are one of my favorite things about being a Princess.  When you’ve got control of a man’s dick, you’ve got complete control over him as a person.  So that means you have control of everything about him…and when you have that, you’ve got all you could ever . . . → Read More: Cock Control Using Tease And Denial

Orgasm Denial Break With Guided Masturbation

So you wanna cum, huh? Wow, how long has it been for you at this point? Days? Weeks? Months? I can’t even remember. All you little sluts’ orgasm denial periods start running together in my mind after so long.

But I’m sure you remember, don’t you? I bet you’ve got it figured down . . . → Read More: Orgasm Denial Break With Guided Masturbation

Paris Party Girls

Hey there, guys. I just got back from Paris not long ago, and I’m already missing it and my girl, Ms. Phoenix, let me tell you.

I went over there to visit her, and she showed me a fantastic time, taking me to see all the best sites, the best places to shop, the . . . → Read More: Paris Party Girls

Penetration: Girls Can Do It Too!

Now, here’s the thing:  Some of you guys out there seem to think that you have the monopoly on penetration.  I’m here to tell you, though, that that’s simply not true. Not at all. See, we ladies have this awesome thing called…yes, a strap on!  Fantastic little invention and kudos to the kinky little . . . → Read More: Penetration: Girls Can Do It Too!

Tease And Denial Makes You Beg And I Wanna Watch!

In case you haven’t noticed, I just love tease and denial. It’s been a long-time favorite of mine, and I’ll use literally any excuse (and sometimes none at all, even) to bring it out and use it against you.  Not that you’re complaining, I’m sure.

Tease And Denial: I Love Both But One . . . → Read More: Tease And Denial Makes You Beg And I Wanna Watch!

Tiny Dick Humiliation: Not Always Mean

If I tell you that you’ve got a tiny dick, it’s not exactly news to you, is it?  You’ve known it for a long time.  And I suppose you’re pretty ok with it, since you don’t seem to mind coming to me to get your tiny dick humiliation fix.

And don’t worry, I’m happy . . . → Read More: Tiny Dick Humiliation: Not Always Mean

Chastity Life With Me As Your Keyholder

You know, I haven’t really given you my thoughts on chastity and I thought now would be a good time to fix that. 

It’s not a secret that I believe men should be kept in a state of orgasm denial. Well, unless they’re one of those rare few whose cocks and sexual skills . . . → Read More: Chastity Life With Me As Your Keyholder

Legs Like Mine Are Made For Worshiped

I’m somewhat tall and I love that I have long sexy legs.  I put on a pair of stockings or a pair of sexy heels and I think they look even better!

Every man who comes in contact with me knows-that I’m a…well, Princess who is meant to be worshipped.  And if, somehow, . . . → Read More: Legs Like Mine Are Made For Worshiped

Stockings And The Fun We Can Have

Since I’m the kind of girl who enjoys wearing and playing with stockings, pantyhose, and such, I talk to an almost obscene number of men into stockings fetish fantasies.  And you know what? That’s just fine with me.

Of course, when you talk to that many stockings…or nylon fetishists, you get to hear about . . . → Read More: Stockings And The Fun We Can Have